Dear teachers/researchers/students/administrative staff,

The Preparatory School of Science and Technology- Annaba has just migrated to the Higher School of Industrial Technologies- Annaba (Ecole Supérieure de Technologies Industrielles Annaba, ESTI Annaba). Henceforth, we do not only prepare students to access engineering schools, but also, and as a higher school, we will provide engineering training. The foundation of this school and its establishment in Annaba is not fortuitous. Since Annaba and its region are considered as an industrial zone par excellence, the school is oriented to industrial technologies. As a first step, we launched a training in industrial engineering, option maintenance and reliability of industrial systems. However, we seek to enrich our training offer with other specialties. The choice of the proposed specialties is and will be the result of a collaborative work with our partners of the economic and industrial sectors, who greatly, know the needs in terms of the profession, knowledge to deliver and skills to acquire.

Encountering these requirements means offering a high quality training that will positively impact employability and facilitate professional integration.

This objective could only be realised through a collaboration with the professional world at all levels of training. Additionally, we have conceived with our industrial partners to set up in the very short term, an interface “School-Enterprise” which will tackle all the queries of common interest (internships in enterprises, definition of the programs, involvement of the professionals in the training, integration of graduates etc.)

The success of this engineering school project necessitates the involvement, and definitely, a posture’s change of everyone: directorate, administrative and technical staffs, teachers and students. It is this challenge that I propose to encounter together, with a thorough listening to all your suggestions, remarks and contributions.

Pr. Faouzia Rebbani

Pr. Faouzia Rebbani

Director of the School

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