Missions of the Quality Assurance Cell

  • The cell aids to elaborate a quality “referential”, and pilots the evaluations that the university will be directed to realize. It is in charge of enlivening the interpretations of evaluations.
  • The cell monitors the documents proposed by different national and international organisations specialized in Quality Assurance. On this basis, it elaborates the evaluation procedures, and the necessary documents in the internal evaluation.
  • The cell contributes to the success of the capitalization, the perpetuation of the university’s experiences as for practicing “Quality Assurance”, as well as contributing to any local, regional or national action in the domain of AQ.
  • The cell favours internal and external communication and will strive to participate in different manifestations in the domain, as well as publishing in the scientific journals of the domain.
  • The cell ensures the internal training in the domain of Quality Assurance.

Members of the Cell

  • Zine- Eddine Bouras : Quality Assurance Responsible
  • Amar Ayad
  • Gada Nesma
  • Karim Benmessai
  • Nour El Islam Karabadji

Missions of Quality Assurance Responsible (QAR)

  • QAR acts as a moderator of the “Quality Assurance Cell”. S/he brings together all the means to ensure the appropriate functioning.
  • QAR ensures the interface mission, in terms of quality, between the home institution and the Implementation’s Commission of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (la Commission d’Implémentation de l’Assurance Qualité dans l’Enseignement Supérieur (CIAQES).
  • QAR favours any attitude aiming at ameliorating the different evaluations that the institution will be directed to perform.
  • QAR supplies the external evaluators with practical information and informs them of all encountered difficulties. 
  • QAR will participate in writing evaluation reports. S/he will ensure the validation, dissemination, and archiving.