Mr. Mansouri Larbi

General Secretary
Email :
Email :
Phone : 038 43 84 11

Mme. Boudraa Meriem

Assistant Director of the Personnel, Training, and Cultural and Sports Activities
Email :
Email :
Phone : 038 43 06 98

Mme. Grari Sabrina

Assistant Director of Finance, Accounting and Resources
Email :
Email :
Phone : 038 43 84 84

Mr. Azzag Hamza

Responsible for Printing and Audiovisual Center
Email :

Mr. Sebai Ramzi

Responsible for the Hall of Technology
Email :

Mr. Othmani Oualid

Responsible for the Center of Information and Communication Systems and Networks, Distance Education and Distance learning
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Missions of the General Secretary

  • To monitor careers’ management of the school’s personnel ;
  • To guarantee an appropriate functioning of technical services;
  • To ensure a continual funding of research activities of units and research laboratories;
  • To suggest and promote the programmes of cultural and sports activities;
  • To ensure the continuous realization of infrastructure programmes and equipment’s acquisition;
  • To track the school’s internal safety plan;
  • To monitor the endowment by means of the school’s functioning structures, technical services, and the maintenance of movable and immovable properties;
  • To monitor the school’s archives preservation.