The Deputy Director in charge of education, diplomas and continuing training shall be assisted by:

  • The Head of the Teaching, Internships and Evaluation Department;
  • The Head of the continuing or initial training department;
  • The Head of the Diploma Department.

He is responsible:

  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of teaching and internships;
  • To ensure that the training offers presented by the departments are consistent with the school’s development plan;
  • To ensure compliance with the regulations in force regarding the registration, re-registration, knowledge control, orientation and reorientation of students;
  • To ensure compliance with the regulations in force and the procedure for granting diplomas;
  • To follow the progress of the preparatory class training;
  • To coordinate with the school’s pedagogical committees or at the national level;
  • To ensure the maintenance and update of the student name file;
  • To provide initial training for students of higher teacher- training colleges;
  • To promote continuous training, further training and retraining activities for the benefit of managers in the socio-economic sectors related to the school’s vocation area(s).

Pr. Mourad Houabes

Deputy Director for Education, Diplomas and Continuing Education
Email : m.houabes@esti-annaba.dz